Embrace data-driven decisions

Our mission is to offer our clients the opportunity to access relevant customer data in a cost-effective way to improve their performance. This includes:

  • A framework for pre- and post-testing of advertising campaigns as well as brand impact surveys.
  • Bespoke research projects to answer specific business questions, about f.i. consumer attitudes towards brand or market potential analysis.

Pre-test of advertising campaigns: unleash the full potential of your message!

Conducting these pre-tests helps advertisers and agencies to refine their campaigns, optimize messaging, and increase the likelihood of success before investing in a full-scale rollout.

Pre-testing can cover a wide variety of analysis:

  • Concept testing: does your target group understand is the core idea of the ad?
  • Message testing: assess the effectiveness of the key message in the ad, f.i. the comprehension level of a tag-line, the recall of the message, …
  • Purchase-intent testing: what is the impact of the ad on consumer behavior and purchase intent?
  • Competitive analysis: identify the strengths and weaknesses of your ad against campaigns from competitors
  • Etc.

There are many good reasons why you should post-test the effectiveness of your campaign.


Did your campaign resonate?

Discover if your campaign caught the attention of your audience and effectively conveyed the intended message. Our brand lift measurement provides clear insights into your campaign's visibility and messaging effectiveness.

Focus on reach performance indicators

Reach performance indicators focus on the recall capacity generated by the ad among the target audience. It measures the percentage of individuals in a target group who are aware of a brand's advertising. This also includes the level of interest for the advertised product/service by the audience and the capacity of the ad to convey the desired message.


Realize a creative diagnosis

Curious about how your advertising campaign is being received by the audience? A post-test survey helps you conduct a creative diagnosis, offering valuable insights into audience appreciation and perception. Discover how your creative efforts are perceived and use this knowledge to fine-tune your messaging.

Focus on qualitative evaluation of the campaign

Advertising performance focusses on the qualitative evaluation of the campaign.This includes the level of liking or disliking of the advertisement, but also the level of persuasion which determines whether the campaign has an impact on the behavior of the target and whether it generates (or not) a positive buying attitude. 


Assessing brand impact

Uncover the campaign's impact on your brand funnel, including brand awareness, consideration, preference, and purchase intent. Our solution allows you to gauge the brand lift on essential key performance indicators, tailored to your campaign objectives.

Focus on key brand performance indicators

Impact on brand focusses on the main steps in the sales conversion funnel. From initial awareness to consideration, consideration to preference, preference to purchase, …

Ready to Get Started?

Do you want to know how your campaign has performed? Then say goodbye to complex surveys and opt for agile measurement of your campaign with immediate results to help you make decisions.

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Tailored KPIs for your needs

Phimedia Insights has developed an agile and user-friendly solution that empowers you to choose the right KPIs, perfectly aligned with your campaign's unique objectives. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all approaches and embrace the freedom to define your success metrics.

Personalized questionnaires

We understand that the success of a project hinges on strong participant engagement. That's why we carefully craft our questionnaires with crystal-clear wording and limit them to just a few key questions. Additionally, we assist you in selecting and formulating questions that best suit your requirements.

Real-time results, actionable insights

Unlike traditional impact barometers that take days or even weeks to deliver results, Phimedia Insights provides you with real-time access to a dynamic dashboard tailored to your specific needs. Filter your data based on key socio-demographics, analyze and effortlessly share results across your organization. No lengthy and boring presentations, just actionable information that helps you shape your brand's future.

If you're unsure about where to begin or simply want to learn more, just drop me a message via the "Contact" link below. I will personally reach out to discuss your personalized project and how we can propel your brand to new heights.

Luc Eeckhout - Founder Phimedia