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Media. Strategy. Research.

At Phimedia, we take pride in our journey that began in 2008, where we embarked on a mission to provide consulting services with a primary focus on media and research.

Our offerings also include cutting-edge research services with Phimedia insights, providing you with agile solutions for measuring the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

Whatever your needs, we'll be happy to help you make the right decisions for your business.

Phimedia Consult

Providing strategic advice to management of companies in the media and the publishing industry (marketing, sales, research & operations). 

  • Offering a comprehensive and research-based approach to strategy development. Our professional framework ensures that your strategy is grounded in solid research and market analysis, helping you to reach your objectives more efficiently and effectively.
  • Project management: managing budgets, timelines and resources to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget.
  • Setting and monitoring key performance indicators to give actionable insights on business performance.
  • Being the necessary bridge between business & technical stakeholders for media operations related projects.

Phimedia Insights

Conducting market research and analyzing data to identify opportunities for improvement and support the strategy.

  • Defining the research question or problem that the survey is intended to address. This also means identifying the key variables or factors that the survey is intended to measure.

  • Designing and developing the survey questions, determining the response options, and deciding on the format and layout of the survey.

  • Carefully plan the sampling strategy for the survey, selecting the optimal sample frame and determining the sample size according to budget and objectives.

  • Deciding on the best approach for data collection, e.g. CAWI (online surveys), CATI (phone surveys) or face-to-face interviews, depending on the research question, the target population and the resources available.

  • Analyzing the results in order to draw meaningful conclusions and insights. This may involve using statistical software to perform standard statistical tests and generate graphs and charts to visualize the data.

  • Summarizing the findings and recommendations. This includes a detailed analysis of the data, along with conclusions and recommendations based on the research question.